Partner program

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@ New RokFit collection on stock!

@ New grips by JerkFit WODies on stock, these grips are used also at CrossFit Inc.

@ We re-supply RX Smart Gear jump ropes, official CrossFit Inc. jump ropes.

@ New upgraded Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 Weave on stock now.

New in stock

Partner Program

Fittest is not merely company or brand but is a movement, which is trying to increase the number of work-outing community and to develop optimal background for work-outers and for other interested people too. We help in the way we know best, that is elite clothes, shoes and equipment. If members of your community seek out for something wouldn’t it be best if they get it thanks to you and under better conditions than ordinary people from street? Are you a Competitor, but you lack of good sponsor and buying clothes for your training (competitions) cost you great amount of money? Are you planning and organizing competitions and you want to raise your event in popularity? Or are you just doing everything nice for your community?


Who can apply for affiliate program?

  • Gym owner that want to offer something more to his clients.
  • Competitor that needs only the best clothes, shoes and equipment.
  • Events and competitions organizer that want to move his long planned project to higher level of prestige.
  • Anybody that wishes to spread the magic of community.


Fittest offers several options of cooperation, specifically customs to your concrete needs. If you are interested in both side discussion do not hesitate to contact us on and to Subject write “Partner Program”.